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The Four C’s: Color


The color scale begins at D (colorless) and the presence of color increases though the letter Z.  You’ll immediately notice the difference in color between your friends’ engagement ring that gives off a yellow tint and your colorless or near colorless one.

Be sure to ask your jeweler about the color of your diamond to ensure that you leave with one that will be bright.  After all, no one wants to see a tinge of yellow or orange when showing off her new engagement ring.

Here at Milanj, we carry only colors D-H.  We specialize in quality and wouldn’t sell you anything less.

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The Four C’s: Cut

It’s easy to see the difference between a diamond that is not shiny or brilliant and one that exudes fire and brilliance.  So what makes a diamond sparkle?  The cut!

The top of the diamond is like a window and the sides of the diamond are like mirrors.  In a well-cut diamond, light comes in through the window, bounces off the mirrors and explodes out the top.  If the diamond is not cut well, light leaks out through the sides and bottom rather than reflecting off of them.  Cut is so important in determining a diamond’s quality that it accounts for 40 percent or more of its value.  

The three components of cut are proportions, symmetry, and polish.  Do the cuts on the diamond meet the angle guidelines for maximum dispersion of light?  Is the stone symmetrical?  Are the stone’s surfaces smooth?  Can you see sanding marks?

In order to provide our customers with only the most beautiful diamonds, we specialize in the top two levels of cut and only carry diamonds rated “Very Good” and “Excellent” in cut.

The Four C’s

Are you shopping for a diamond?  We’re here to fill you in on how to pick a diamond that will set you apart in your social circle.

The four C’s are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.  Each of these characteristics is important to consider before purchasing. 

Many people assume bigger is better, but this is not always the case.  Think about it.  From a few feet away, it is hard to tell the difference between a one and two carat diamond, but diamond with good cut, color and clarity will be noticeable from across the room.  While it may be tempting to go off of the carat weight alone, wouldn’t you rather have a diamond you’ll be complimented on every day?

Look for posts this week to learn more about each of the four C’s and to find that exquisite ring that will “wow” everyone.

John and Meg were in the store today to see her new engagement ring for the first time.  Here’s their story:

Meg came into Milanj a couple of months ago to pick out another wedding band for the other side of her engagement ring.  Her husband, John, was deployed in Afghanistan at the time, so she gave Milanj permission to email him. 

Little did she know, John was working with us to surprise her with a new engagement ring.  He not only wanted her to have a bigger center stone, but also a beautiful new mounting.  

He ended up selecting this one from Tacori’s Dantela collection.  Tacori is known for its intricate detailing and expert craftsmanship.  In fact, no two rings are alike.

When Meg tried the ring on she couldn’t stop smiling.  Who wouldn’t be able to?  After all, her new ring is as unique as she is.

15 Things to Do the Week Before Your Wedding

Photo by Bre Thurston Photography

With only a week left before you say “I do,” the wedding planning may be done but the work isn’t over yet. To make sure not a single carefully dreamed-up detail goes overlooked, we’ve compiled 15 essential to-dos you (and your fiancé) must address the week leading up to your wedding.

(Have more than a week to go? Get a custom wedding to-do list based on your wedding date here via!)

1. Confirm your wedding-day beauty appointments and get your manicure and pedicure. (Better to leave this until you only have one or two days to go!) Buy the colors you end up using to fix any accidental last-minute chips.

2. Grooms: Get a haircut. If you head to the barber when you’re more than a week out, your hair could look shaggy. Get it cut too close to the big day and you run the risk of looking like it’s sixth grade picture day.

3. Grooms, pick up your suit and brides, your dress. Do one last fitting in the store before taking it home — it will give you more time for any last minute alterations.

4. Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes.

5. Call guests who have missed the RSVP deadline. You’ll need the final headcount for your venue and caterer.

6. Communicate the wedding-day schedule, any special duties, and important contact information to your parents, the wedding party, and your wedding coordinator. A document with call-times for everyone playing a large role in your day will help everything stay on schedule.

7. Place final payments and cash tips into separate envelopes for each vendor. Give them to a trusted friend of family member to distribute on your wedding day. Ask him or her to greet each vendor and be the point person for questions.

8. Call and re-confirm every last detail with each of your vendors including date, time, and location. Don’t forget to provide them with contact info for their point person on the day-of. (You’ll be too busy getting ready to direct traffic!) Make sure your photographer has your shot list, your DJ has your song list, and that your venue knows when each vendor will be arriving to set up.

9. Create a seating chart for your reception and share the final version with your caterer, venue manager, reception host and hostess, and wedding coordinator.

10. If you didn’t order escort cards with your stationery, it’s time to put on your DIY hat and make them. (Ask your craftiest ‘maid for some assistance if necessary!)

11. Provide drivers with a schedule and list of names, phone numbers, and addresses for pickup and drop off.

12. Shop and pack for your honeymoon. Though your girls will make sure you’re covered in the wedding-night lingerie department (what else are bachelorette parties for?!), bikinis, sun dresses, and SPF 50 won’t buy themselves.

13. Writing your own vows? Making a toast? Prepare anything that requires a speech now.

14. Gather a wedding-day emergency kit that includes fashion tape, safety pins, band-aids, mints, and a needle with thread that matches your dress.

15. Pack a bag for your wedding night. Ask some one to deliver it to the hotel where you’ll be staying.


For All of Life’s Celebrations, Make it MILANJ | Video by SmartShoot

How to Fake Thicker Lashes

Eyelashes are alluring, and really make your face pop. To achieve the dramatic thick lashes, women spend hours painstakingly applying mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow to create the illusion of full, lush lashes. This tutorial from Amy Clarke is the end all for creating the illusion of thicker lashes, saving you those painstaking hours!

1. Apply one mascara, starting at the base of your lashes, wiggling the mascara wand back and forth until you reach the ends of your lashes.

2. Using a small eyeshadow brush, apply a loose powder to your lashes, coating all sides.  We recommend Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder in “Translucent”.

3. Then, apply one more coat of mascara. But this time, just brush upward with the mascara wand, coating the top and bottom of your lashes.

Bonus trick: Use tweezers to pinch the ends of your lashes together in little sections. This almost gives an illusion of false lashes.

Photography: Bryce Covey | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Heidi Marie Garrett 

6 Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length hair

1. Simple Curled Updo

1. Start off by curling all of your hair to add texture.
2. Next, section off the two front parts of your hair. These sections should start behind your ear and go up to your part . Do the same thing on both sides. You should now have three sections (including the center section, see photo).
3. Then, take the center section and tease it at the root with a teasing comb to add volume to your crown.
4. Then take the center section and create a loose bun. Pinning it into place using bobby pins.
5. Next, take one of the front sections of hair, twist it, then bring it back, creating another bun right next to the center bun, pin it with bobby pins.
6. Repeat on opposite side
*For an even softer look, pull strands of hair out around your face and/or out of the loose bun*
Creative Direction, Floral Design and Styling: Jessica Sloane // Photography: Austin Gros // Hair and Makeup + Hair Tutorial: Amanda Paige // Dress: Free People

2. Faux Bob

1. Start with clean, slightly wavy hair.
2. Create a low, loose braid at the bottom of your hair.
3. Start the process of slowly tucking your hair under and pinning it up with a few bobby pins.
4. Work slowly and neatly until all of the braid is folded under, and neatly pin the sides.
5. Pin some pieces down on the sides and spray a little hairspray to keep some of the shorter pieces in place.
Creative Direction and Styling: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Makeup: Amy Clarke for Temptu | Hair: Christian Marc 

3. Soft Curled Messy Updo

1. Take a 1 inch thick piece of hair in your hands and twist it.
2. Hold one tiny strand at the top and push the remaining hair up into a ringlet on your head.  
3. Wrap the remaining strand around the ringlet and use a bobby pin to pin the ringlet to your head
4. To recreate the top image, grab a friend who can help you create and pin ringlets all the way around.
Photography: Tec Petaja // Hair + Makeup: Jordan Hughes Byers

4. Twisted Bun

1. Start with making sure the hair is prepped and textured, you can also tease and spray. Split your hair into two sections.
2. Tie the two sections into a knot. (like the first step in tying your shoes)
3. On the last photo, see how the left section is directed to the right and down? Pin about 3 bobby pins to secure it, especially towards the ends. Then take the right section and twist and direct it up and to the left. Pin that down. Take a few more bobby pins and start pinning around the bun to secure a little extra. Spray and pull some whispy’s around the face!
Tutorial by: Irrelephant Blog Graphic: Hannah Lee

5. Easier Than it Looks Updo

Video tutorial here via The Small Things Blog

6. Double Snake Braid

Video Tutorial Here via bebexo

Sushi or pizza? Movies or matinee show? Scatter these jars at your wedding to crowd-surf date night ideas!

Sushi or pizza? Movies or matinee show? Scatter these jars at your wedding to crowd-surf date night ideas!